Businesses of small to medium sizes require certain needs to be met.

Decision makers within these businesses often have a limited knowledge of how online tools could be of assistance in reaching their aims. Many businesses set up a Facebook page and hope that it will generate customers for them or have a website they haven’t updated in years. At Lupo Marketing we strive to inform the client in a case specific and easy to understand manner.

Furthermore, small to medium sized businesses do not have access to the budgets that larger companies have and therefore find it hard or almost impossible to compete. However, online platforms such as social media create a level playing field for small businesses to interact with consumers. It all depends on how these digital forces are harnessed.

Being able to monitor and review the marketing initiatives that are being employed is also a very important aspect for small to medium sized businesses. By providing clear and easy to use tools, our clients have their finger on the pulse at all times. This allows them to see the progress with strategies and the impact these may have on their business. handshake

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