Worldwide, customers’ needs and desires are dealt with by businesses in differing ways.

Businesses in the United States have a long standing history of being at the forefront of marketing techniques to achieve financial objectives while keeping a customer-centric view. Businesses in Japan have a strong track record of companies that are heavily involved in perfecting their operations and production by reducing margins of error to a minimum and focusing on efficiency. Businesses in Italy and France on the other hand have relied more on highlighting elegance, craftsmanship and quality as key factors to be known by.

Luca Postiglione, founder of Lupo Marketing, has been exposed to various marketing approaches throughout his studies and his work experience. Having lived and worked extensively in Europe, the US and Asia, Luca has had the opportunity to understand how businesses operate in different environments. This has ultimately led him to determine the ‘best practices’ for companies in numerous industries both offline and online.

Luca’ s passion for marketing is captivating and has inspired him to dedicate the past 5 years of his career to perfecting his skills in integrated marketing (the integration of digital and traditional marketing strategies) to suit the needs of companies here in Australia.