A great way to start thinking about the best way to reach out to consumers is to put yourself in their shoes. Does your target market have a smart phone? Does your target market surf the net? Does your target market receive emails? If your answers to these questions are yes and you are currently spending a great deal of your advertising budget on a banner or a newspaper ad then I would suggest rethinking your strategy.

Integrated marketing is a technique that allows for businesses to approach target markets from both a traditional and a digital marketing perspective at the same time. Leads are generated through traditional media (ads, brochures, leaflets) and digital platforms (social media, email, e-commerce) that are then measured through digital media (website, social media, email) and ultimately converted into sales either online or in store.Integrated marketing

Business owners and decision makers of small to medium sized companies is Australia are convinced they know their markets well and swear by the ‘if its not broken why fix it’ motto. Interestingly its not a question of being right or wrong but it is more a question of understanding what the opportunity costs are. In other words, how many sales, leads and repeat customers are being lost on an annual basis for not having a strong marketing plan from an online and offline point of view? This is the true question.

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