Being able to translate the unique selling points of your product or service from the offline world to the online realm is not an easy task. Will consumers really understand what you are trying to offer?

Brand management services include creating and maintaining an online brand image that enhances what is currently being offered offline. Creating the copy, selecting the visuals and identifying the most appropriate way to portray a brand on various online platforms can be a laborious exercise. You also might want to consider if you have the resources (time, people) and expertise to do so.

Brand management also takes into consideration what the perception of the brand may be online and what is said about it. Platforms such as tripadvisor, urbanspoon or other industry related forums could be talking about your brand and if you don’t interact in a timely fashion the consequences could be damaging to your brand.


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Some of the services offered include:Brand related words in tag cloud

  • Creation of copy, images and videos

  • Brand analysis and review

  • Social media and e-newsletter creation

  • Industry review website assessment and monitoring